October 10, 2012

Meat Eater

As a nation, we have swapped the smelly and unpredictable pungency of the woods in exchange for the sanitized safety of manicured grass.  While we once wondered about the migrations of wild animals across the landscape, we now wonder whether the putting green will be slow or fast.”
–Steven Rinella, Meat Eater
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If you have been reading this blog for awhile you:
1. know I love books
2. know my husband, Mr. G, is a hunter

With that being said, I have found a book that has inspired me to hunt.  It makes me want to wake up at 4 am in the morning to hike into the Rocky Mountains with a rifle over my shoulder.  It also reinstates that drive in me to make sure that my boys grow up learning and loving to hunt.  I have always supported hunting, but this book has really helped me understand the beauty behind it.

My family and I have a ritual starting every fall. Sunday night (after the football game is over) we all sit down and watch our favorite family show, Meat Eater.  Steven Rinella is my kind of hunter.  He is not in it for the trophy, but for the meat to feed his family.  His show is riddled with adventure, humor, survival skills, and amazing game recipes.  Even my six year old sits glued to the television, talking of the day when he can legally hunt in Colorado.  Stevens’ new book, Meat Eater, is just as good as the show. 

One of my favorite lines from the book is Steven explaining whether hunters are really the bloodthirsty killers many people think they are….
 “If hunters really did get their jollies by killing animals, why would we go through the hassle of trying to find wild and unpredictable game animals under sometimes exceedingly difficult environmental circumstances when we could just volunteer at the Humane Society and kill a few dozen dogs and cats in an afternoon, or get a job at an Iowa slaughterhouse and kill a couple hundred cattle a day in air-conditioned comfort?” –Steven Rinella
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This book I so much more then a book about hunting.  It is a book about adventure…about pushing the human body and spirit to the limit and ultimately about learning where meat really comes from.  I have enjoyed Stevens stories and look forward to trying many of his game recipes once my freezer gets restocked again….hint hint Mr. G.
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Have you ever hunted before and if so what is your favorite game to eat?


  1. I enjoyed reading Georgia Pellegrini's Girl Hunter. http://georgiapellegrini.com/ Have you seen The Debutante Hunters? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1884443/ Or read Joel (from Well Preserved blog) moose hunting posts? I found them inspiring, and the respect/ comraderie/ being in nature really stood out to me. My husband is now licensed to bow hunt, and he will hunt feral species (in Australia) like deer, goat and rabbit. I decided I would like to learn to shoot and hunt with a gun, but finding the time will be tricky, because I seem to be the 'grow & gather & preserve & cook' part of the relationship! Do you guys make jerky, or smoke your game meats? Or make small goods, like salami? We are interested in that sort of thing too. My husband and his Bowhunting club are going to arrange a butchering/ processing workshop.

    I am going to request that the library buys that MeatEater book for me to borrow! We've been meaning to watch the show too. Here in an Australian blog you may have come across already, http://wholelarderlove.com/ Rohan is a hunter. I have just bought for my husband (for Christmas) this book: http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9780670076918/whole-larder-love which includes a lot of game recipes.

  2. Great topic! I have hunted, sadly I wasn't lucky. My husband is much more successful and brings home a few deer during the winter. That would be our favorite-we would eat it every day if we had a steady supply.

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