April 9, 2012

Mangham Manor Wool & Mohair Farm

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Have you ever been somewhere and thought your were in a dream?  A place where the landscape was so beautiful that you thought it could not be real…  That was how I felt when visited Mangham Manor Wool & Mohair Farm while on our vacation in Virginia.  My little sister volunteers at Mangham Manor on the weekends helping Michele, the owner, with odd jobs around the farm.  Recently she has been bottle feeding the baby lambs and we were lucky enough to join in on the fun.

Mangham Manor Wool & Mohair Farm is best described by its owners Joel and Michele:
“Our farm has been an aspiring enterprise since 1982 - the year we got hitched! Michele had been acquiring breeding stock & stockpiling them throughout her college days for the time we would have our own place. Well, we bought the perfect 152 acre old dairy farm & have been renovating it ever since. With Joel's' business acumen & Michele's veterinary training the farm is thriving. So are the 2 little sons we have been blessed with. We love the 'country' life.
The farm usually runs about 150 naturally colored sheep, 100 registered angora goats, a dozen thoroughbred & warmblood horses, a couple of registered Saanan dairy goats, & a few guardian sheep dogs. Of course the resident population climbs to well over 500 each spring when the 'babies' all arrive. By October it's back down to the broad stock & the cycle begins all over.
–Mangham Manor website
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Looking back on the experience I wish I had snapped more pictures, but I had Little C strapped to the front of me and was trying to help Big C feed the babies.  One of my favorite shots was of the little pygmy goat named Muffin.  This little animal was probably one of the funniest creatures I have ever met.  No matter her small stature she was convinced she ran the farm.
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Here is Big C bottle feeding some of the baby lambs.  He loved the experience and is still talking about it to this day.  I love seeing my boy up bright and early with smiles ear to ear.
virginia trip 268virginia trip 269
Little babies waiting their turn…
virginia trip 257
We must have fed around 30 babies that day and were also able to meet some of Micheles’ Angora goats.
virginia trip 272virginia trip 274
Some more pictures from around the farm…
virginia trip 293
virginia trip 276
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Michele was also kind enough to let us see her yarn workshop.  Every year at Christmas, she holds a holiday bazaar where people are allowed to come to her farm and purchase the beautiful yarn and wool products.  Mangham Manor is known in the Charlottesville area for their gorgeous wool socks and locally knitted sweaters.  You can also purchase skeins of her natural yarn for your own personal knitting projects.
virginia trip 285
I picked up a skein in each color to remind me of the beautiful animals I had met that day.  The yarn is so soft and I can’t wait to create something for my boys…and of course something for me!
wool 001
wool 018
wool 004
It was such an amazing experience meeting Michele and learn about her life and journey towards owning Mangham Manor.  Her and her husband actually just purchased another farm down the road from The Manor and are in the process of restoring the farmhouse and grounds before they move in.  She gave us a tour of the new farm and let me tell you….WOW!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  It was so hard for me to choose what pictures to include, so as you can see I included a lot! As usual, thanks again for stopping by Throwback Road and have a wonderful day!


  1. That yarn looks beautiful! I bet it will be fun to work with. Lovely pictures!

  2. that looks like so much fun! we have a creamery near us that we can take the kids to feed the calves. i love taking them to do that! and i love that they are growing up with access to that.

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