April 25, 2012

The Adult Sippy Cup

sippy cup 057
My world is full of sippy cups.  I have a one year old boy that drinks from them, plays with them, throws them around the house…I am surrounded by sippy cups.  The good thing about sippy cups is that they are travel friendly beverage holders that are nearly impossible to spill.  Notice I said nearly, because my boys are famous for figuring out ways to make them leak.

My need for an adult sippy cup was finally realized when I filled my pint jar of morning iced coffee and spilled it in my car again.  I am not a crazy driver…I blame it on the bumpy roads.  I know you are probably saying “Just go buy one of those plastic cold beverage cups from Wal-Mart and stop complaining.”  Well, I am not about to part with my love of drinking out of mason jars.  They fit into my car cup holder perfectly, are super durable, cheap, and I think they are beautiful.  So as I drove back home from Big C’s school covered in coffee, I made it my mission to figure out a way to turn a mason jar into a sippy cup.

That morning I perused Pinterest and found some interesting options.  The only problem was was that I wanted to use supplies that I already had and no power tools needed to be involved.  After some research, I came up with my own method and am very pleased with the results.  In case you were wondering, I make my own Iced Coffee Concentrate using The Pioneer Woman's Recipe.  I was skeptical at first, but now I am hooked!
sippy cup 036

Here is how I made my Adult Sippy Cup….
sippy cup 064
sippy cup 006sippy cup 014
sippy cup 020sippy cup 024
sippy cup 027sippy cup 029
sippy cup 030sippy cup 049
Tips and Tricks
-I use wide mouth pint  size mason jars…they fit my car cup holder perfectly
-A regular hole punch will do…nothing fancy, just a little muscle to punch that hole
-Don’t forget to punch the straw hole out in the paper before you attach to the lid
-Your fingers will get messy, but will come clean with some soap and water
-Let Mod Podge dry for about 20-30 minutes before you apply another coat to the paper.  I did three coats and it is hard as a rock
-The Mod Podge will be completely set in 24 hours, but I used mine before then…just be careful
sippy cup 051
You can really make this project your own.  I used left over scrapbooking paper and Mr. G’s fish cup was compliments of a old issue of Field and Stream magazine.  I hope he was done with that article….wink wink.
sippy cup 076sippy cup 061
The cups are not perfect but I am in love with them!  I see red, white, and blue ones for 4th of July…maybe Autumn themed ones filled with apple cider.  If I had girls, this would be so cute for a garden party.  Summer Sangria…Margaritas…breakfast smoothies..possibilities are endless.

The lids are waterproof.  I would not stick them in a dishwasher and turn it on heated dry, but a good hand washing won’t hurt them.  In case you are wondering, Mod Podge is non toxic. 

Today, while gardening, I realized my Iced Coffee did not have dirt or bugs floating in it.  It is the little things in life that really get me excited!  I also drove around the neighborhood and hit every bump I could.  Not a drop was spilled.

So run to your local store and buy a case of jars.  It will cost you $10 and look at the beautiful, custom cups you can make.  If you have loads of jars laying around then get some extra lids and start creating!
sippy cup 079
Thanks for stopping by Throwback Road and have fun creating your own Adult Sippy Cup!


  1. Perfect! Would be a great gift idea for our homemade Christmas.

  2. I love this idea! Personally, I do not enjoy bugs in my coffee either- and I always carry a cup to the garden with me when working:)

  3. So cute!! I've seen these before but dismissed the pretty ones until you said that the Mod Podge is water proof, now I can't wait to get a few made :) Do you think that used canning lids would work? It's silly but I would love to find a second use for them instead of just throwing them away.

  4. You can totally use used canning lids! After all, you aren't preserving your coffee; just keeping the bugs out and preventing spills. The lids just need to help provide cover. This is a great idea and I'm going straight to go punch holes in MY used canning lids. :) Thank you!

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