February 2, 2012

A Horse is a Horse.....of course, of course

mr ed and pantry 032

Let me start by saying, this is not a post about my obsession with Mr. Ed, the talking horse.  Ok, now that we have that straight, we can continue.  This post is actually about some simple things we do around Throwback Road to ensure that our children grow up knowing their grandparents.

I moved to Colorado straight out of college, married a native, and never looked back.  I love Colorado, but hate that my children have to grow up so far from their grandparents.  Sure, we see each other about once a quarter, but it is not the same as living down the street from them.  I want Big C and Little C growing up knowing and learning from my parents, not just thinking of them as two people they see on vacation.

I don’t love electronics…I am not a big cheerleader of them in my children's life, but if it allows them to connect with their grandparents who live in Ohio, I am fine with it.  Skype has changed our extended families life, and now my parents and sister are able to see my sons grow up.

My mom came up with this great idea of playing an episode of “Mr. Ed” on her home television, and Skype with the boys while it was playing.  All three of them were able to laugh together, she was able to answer some of Big C’s questions during the show, and they were able discuss what they saw afterwards.  It was like they were all sitting on the same couch together except that they were actually a 19 hr. drive away.  They created an experience, and experiences are what shape children.

mr ed and pantry 046
Here is Big C realizing that Mr. Ed could actually talk.

mr ed and pantry 051
He really could not believe it…I loved capturing his expressions while he watched.  Little C even enjoyed it.

mr ed and pantry 056
“I can’t believe it!  A horse that talks….mama you always say that a horse says neigh” –Little C

Here are some other great ideas to do with long distance grandparents:

1.  Have dinner together over the web.  Just sit the computer right at the table and the kids feel like Grandpa and Grandma are right there with them.

2.  Have Grandma or Grandpa read a bedtime story over the computer while the kids are in bed.

3.  Have the kids perform a short play or puppet show for the grandparents.

4.  This year I am going to get both Big C and my mom a pot, dirt, and some basil seeds.  They can plant the seeds together and then compare the growth of their plants via skype.

Believe me, we don’t Skype everyday.  Life is busy, but at least once a week I find that it is important to bring my parents into my boys world.  Last week Little C ate lunch with my mom online while I cleaned the kitchen.  It was hilarious to watch him babble and try to communicate while my mom talked back to him.  She was a good sport….a 11 month old only has so many words.  Hi, dada, mama, and uh oh can only be so interesting, but he was talking to his Grandma and that is all that mattered. 

I know I say this all the time, but the things we are doing at Throwback Road are not rocket science.  I am not going to win “Mother or Blogger of the Year” for this post, but I wanted to let you into my life to show you what we are doing to slow my kids down, and ensure that they know where they truly come from.

  mr ed and pantry 093

Did you live close to your relatives growing up?


  1. Oh my goodness... this is so cute! :) What a great idea. I love Big C's face in that picture! Classic.

  2. Thanks! They loved watching Mr. Ed and could not believe it when he started talking. I love old shows...so classic!

  3. Skype is such a blessing for those of us who have family far, far away. We don't use it nearly enough, but this post has inspired me--thank you! Love the pics. :-)

  4. Great ideas! This post definitely struck home since ALL of our friends and family are back east. We skype, but not as often as we probably should.
    p.s. Your kids are adorable.