January 7, 2012

When the Husband is Away..the Wife Decorates

The holidays are over and I feel like my oven and stove have been on 24/7.  Mr. G is still hunting and the Big C is outside playing with his buddies.  So I say to myself…start another cooking project?  Nope, not today…today I decorate.

As you have seen in my previous post The Homestead I live in a builder grade home.  Let me tell you about builder grade homes in Colorado…they love Orange Peel texture.  Everything is orange peel texture!  Ceilings, walls, even fireplace mantles.  This drives me crazy.  Someday I will rip the whole thing out, re-tile , and put in a wood burning stove, but for now I wanted the look and feel of a big piece of wood without spending more then $20.  I searched pinterest, but could not find anything that I liked.  So I bundled the boys up and headed off to Home Depot….

decorate 049decorate 046
Before.  Blah, blah, blah                                               Orange Peel Texture

decorate 062

This is what I found…Martha Stewart Living Specialty Terra Cotta finish in Gravel and Potting Soil.  I mixed both jars together leaving a little of the brown out for accents and went to town.  I taped off the orange peel mantle and applied the paint with a cheap paint brush.  I did not want to use any of my good brushes in case this stuff ruined them.  Purdy needs to stay pretty.  Each jar covers 12 ft so I had a lot left over.  This paint is very thick, almost like a plaster, but it works like a dream.  See for yourself…

decorate 065decorate 053

The after shot.  As you can see it covers the orange peel texture really well.  Obviously, I realize that it does not look like a gorgeous piece of reclaimed wood, but it is a great temporary solution.  Here are some more shots.

decorate 069
decorate 070
I love to decorate with canning jars…

decorate 072
decorate 073
decorate 034

The total cost of this project was around $17.  Each paint was $7 and the bucket was $3.  I hope Mr. G likes it. Thanks again for stopping by!

Do you have any fun projects that you are working on this weekend?


  1. Looks great! I love your ideas!

  2. We have the same orange peel everywhere problem. I had painted out mantle brown but I love the texture of this application. It looks amazing! Frank

  3. Julia, I am so impressed! I am a true believer in knowing how to provide for ourselves. You are so talented. I look forward to seeing more blog posts!