January 23, 2012

Family Handprint Art

In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.  -Eleanor Roosevelt
handprint wall 002

At Throwback Road we have a huge wall on our staircase.  For such a long time it sat empty because...

1. I did not want to spend the money for a large piece of artwork to take up the space

2. I wanted it to be something meaningful and fun since I would be looking at everyday....multiple times a day

In came my trusty artist canvases to save the day!  These four canvases have been in my go to decorating arsenal for 10 years now.  They have been covered in fabric, painted, covered in Christmas paper for Christmas decorations…the list goes on and on.  They measure 18 in. x 18 in. and I have installed an easy picture hanging kit on the back of each canvas.  Any craft store, such as Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby carry these.  If you watch for sales, they seem to always be on the buy one get one free table.  That is why I love them…a lot of impact for not a lot of cash!

learning to use camera 010

The process for making these is very simple and a great craft to do with your kids.  I started by priming my canvases because they were red from the last project I did with them.  I then rolled on 2 coats of Martha Stewart Grey paint that was left over from painting my loft.  I let them dry for 1 1/2-2 hours before the fun began….

I let each family member choose a color paint from the various leftovers around the house.  It is funny how each paint choice really represents the character of each individual.  With a paint brush I painted the palm of each persons hand, centered it on the canvas, pressed the hand on the canvas and Presto it was done.  Make sure to not move the hand while it is on the canvas or you will create a monster like claw.  Let the paint dry and then hang.

handprint wall 014

handprint wall 016handprint wall 004

handprint wall 012
This is an “R” that I got at a local craft store and then Modge Podged on some decorative paper.

handprint wall 015

handprint wall 017

I love how it turned out and I love how it captures a special moment in time.  In the future, I may have the canvases framed to make them pop more, but for now I am enjoying my new Family Handprint Art.

What kind of decorations around your house remind you of your family?


  1. Aww, really cute. I love it, Julia!

  2. Thanks so much! It was really fun to create!

  3. That's so beautiful Julia! I'll do it next month with my little boy who turns two!:) I was just wondering whether you might help me with my other project, pretty please! My niece's birthday is this Saturday and I want to make a triptych of the hand prints I already have from when she was one, two and three years old. I'm not a DIY expert at all, I just happen to have some glue, tissue papers and few scrapbooking materials that I use to make personalized gifts two to three times a year - so you know :D What I have for this project is: Mod Podge, Elmer's glue, three small square canvases and my niece's handprints made with poster paint (!). Is there any way I can safely glue them to the canvases? I'm worried that poster paint will smudge when I put Mod over it and that the paper will wrinkle when I use Elmer's. Please, please tell me whether there is a way to do that properly

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